Carb Loading Plan + Grocery Haul

grocery haul 2I hit up Trader Joe’s tonight for a big grocery haul for next week’s carb loading. Thought it would be fun to share my meal planning and carb strategy for the week on here.

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This Week’s Training Recap: It’s Fall!

16 mile LRWe went from 85 degrees and 100% humidity to fall weather in about 2 days this week.  I gotta admit, when it comes to running, I really do love fall.  It just makes you feel so much faster! Continue reading

This Week’s Training Recap: Hello, Humidity

LR 8-23The first of my marathon training recaps is here!  I’ll be posting weekly the ups and downs of my runs.  Today is exactly 5 weeks out from the Akron Marathon, so I’m finishing up some of my highest mileage weeks of training before my highly anticipated taper (also known as carbs on carbs on carbs) arrives.

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