Why I do Crossfit as a Marathoner

deadliftA year and a half ago, I had an IT band injury that kept me from running and marathon training for over a month. I was going stir crazy, but even worse than that, no matter how long I rested, I couldn’t kick my IT band pain.

Desperate for a way to get active again that didn’t involve swimming any more awful laps in the pool, I skeptically decided to try out a Crossfit gym. I’d heard the rumors that runners perpetuate: Crossfit is dangerous. Crossfit will make you bulk up. Crossfit will make you slower! Continue reading


What I’m up to

milkman brewing growlerIf you read my last post, I’ve been trading in Sunday runs for pull up training…crazy, right?!  Well, here’s what I’ve been up to since marathon training finished up. Continue reading

New Goal

crossfit 1The marathon is over.  I hit my goal, PR’d even, but since then, I’ve had the post marathon blues.  It’s a real thing!  For the past 4 months, practically everything I did revolved around training.  My eating, sleeping, running, was all about my race.  All of a sudden, it’s over, and there’s no longer that excitement of having a goal to look forward to. Continue reading

Recipe: Lemon Bar Energy Bites

lemon energy bites 2I don’t eat before I run on training days.  But put me in the crossfit gym without a snack and I start to feel shaky.  Maybe I actually need the fuel, or maybe the heavy weights and barbells just scare me.  Either way, I need to eat something small before heading to my 5:30am class at Crossfit ShadysideContinue reading

This Week’s Training Recap: Hello, Humidity

LR 8-23The first of my marathon training recaps is here!  I’ll be posting weekly the ups and downs of my runs.  Today is exactly 5 weeks out from the Akron Marathon, so I’m finishing up some of my highest mileage weeks of training before my highly anticipated taper (also known as carbs on carbs on carbs) arrives.

Continue reading