Last week’s Boston workouts (aka trash your quads week)

IMG_0400Boston’s Heartbreak Hill is legendary. What I didn’t realize until I got there last year is that the relentless, pounding downhills earlier in the race leave you quads exhausted by the time you hit the Newton hills.

Maintaining a smart pace early on even when it’s tempting to use the downhills to pick up the pace is key at Boston.  This year, I resolved to have more left in the tank when I hit the hills.  Last year, my splits went down the drain when I hit mile 20 and never recovered.  Continue reading


It’s that time again: Boston training!

Lesley 2014 Boston MarathonWelp, we’ve just been hit with negative windchills and our first real snowfalls of the season.  Of course that means that it’s time for all 30,000 of us that are going to take on Heartbreak Hill come April to buckle down on our training.  In my case, this means 18 weeks of Pfitzinger’s tempo runs, track workouts, and marathon pace miles thrown into some long runs. Continue reading

Training recap & my new favorite pancakes

pancakesIt’s officially Taper Time!  This past week I cut back my mileage to about 60% of my normal weekly miles and lightened up my weights at crossfit.  Next week I’ll take off from the gym and just run.  I also worked in strides on both of my easy days to keep my legs feeling sharp. Continue reading