What I’m up to

milkman brewing growlerIf you read my last post, I’ve been trading in Sunday runs for pull up training…crazy, right?!  Well, here’s what I’ve been up to since marathon training finished up.

Lots of coffee with friends.  Tried out Tazza D’Oro with Cass in Highland Park finally, really good.

tazza d'oro

Brunch, too, of course.  Crossed E2 brunch off of my wishlist with some awesome breakfast polenta.


Homemade pizza and movie nights.  BBQ chicken pizza that tasted better than it looks.

bbq chicken pizza

Tried out Milkman Brewing in the strip.  Really good!  They had a nice variety of beer with interesting flavors.  I’m waiting for their Samoa stout to come out and will definitely be back for that.

milkman brewing

Still eating pancakes (duh).  These are the Oatmeal Artist’s Tiramisu Oatcakes.  Yummy and actually packed with veggies!

tiramisu oatcakes

Anddddd still trying to get as many veggies as possible after all of the marathon treats.  Lot of green smoothies.

green smoothie

Last but not least, joined Em this morning for a Friday doughnut and coffee before work.  Coffee is from Big Dog and doughnut is pumpkin cake with cinnamon and sugar from Grandview Bakery up in Mount Washington.

What a great way to start my Friday!

friday doughnut



Pgh restaurants/breweries/coffee shops that I’ve got to try out?  What’s your favorite?


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