New Goal

crossfit 1The marathon is over.  I hit my goal, PR’d even, but since then, I’ve had the post marathon blues.  It’s a real thing!  For the past 4 months, practically everything I did revolved around training.  My eating, sleeping, running, was all about my race.  All of a sudden, it’s over, and there’s no longer that excitement of having a goal to look forward to.

I’m not getting back to full marathon training until Christmas when Boston training starts.  These next couple months are about running for fun, without my watch, and resting when I want or need to.  Getting back to running just for me is great and all, but with my recent post marathon blues, I decided that I needed a new, challenging goal to work on.

So, here it is:  by Christmas, I want to finally be able to do a pullup.  Sounds easy, right?!  Well, not for me.  A year and a half of doing some (not serious) crossfit and I still haven’t done an unassisted pullup.  Em worked on and started hitting pullups (and can string them together now!) with a training plan from CFBF (aka Greg, her CrossFit BoyFriend) and they graciously agreed to help me out during Sunday open gyms.

pull up

This is about as far as I got today. Let’s just say I have a lot of work to do.

Pullup training started today.  I worked on sets of banded pullups, negative chin ups (jump up, hold, then descend slowly), bent over kettle bell rows, ring rows, and kipping.  So for the next couple months, looks like I’ll be trading my Sunday morning runs for looking ridiculous at the gym trying to do a pullup while everyone else around me is lifting some seriously heavy weights.  I’m thinking it’s just the change of pace and new goal that I need.

What goal are you working on?  Can you do a pullup?  Am I the only one that can’t?


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