What I pack for a marathon

Marathon packing 4I pack more for a marathon than I do for a vacation.  Some girls fill their suitcases with heels, but I’m more about racing flats and energy gels.  Packing every. single. thing. I may need takes some stress out of race day.So, here’s what I pack to get to a race prepared.  Better safe than sorry.  I go a bit overboard…

First, race day outfit:

Marathon Packing 3

  • 2 race outfit options–spandex or loose shorts (always a race morning decision)
  • Running hat, only in case it rains
  • Honey Stinger gels + waist pack (didn’t end up wearing and stuck the gels in my shorts)
  • Old long sleeve tee to wear at the start and ditch
  • Asics Gel Lyte shoes.  I train in Mizuno Wave Inspires but these Asics are lighter and more cushion-y while still having enough support.  Definitely a great option for racing a marathon.

For right after the race:

Marathon packing 1

  • Powerade and snacks (clif bar, luna bar, trail mix, apple)
  • Clean set of sweats to stow in my gear check bag and change into (sweaty clothes get cold fast!)
  • Towel and face wipes.  I’m not concerned with how I look at the finish, but 26 miles of sweat on your face and in your eyes does NOT feel good.
  • Inhaler, in my gear check bag too, just in case

Finally, for later that night:

Marathon packing 2

  • Icy Hot + Biofreeze + Advil (duh)
  • Legging + tee + scarf + Toms for dinner later (comfy but close enough to a real outfit)
  • Extra sweats + flip flops (in case leggings + tee + scarf outfit isn’t happening)

 What can’t you live without on race day?  Do you pack more for vacation or a race?


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