Training Recap: Taper week

pumpkin pancakesAkron Marathon race recap is coming soon!  Here’s a hint: it was a PR! Until then, here’s a quick recap of my training last week as I tapered for the race:

Total: 22

Monday: 6 miles easy

Tuesday: 7 miles w/ 2 @ marathon pace

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5 miles w/6x100m strides

Friday: 4 miles easy

Saturday: RACE!

Sunday: REST

High: The marathon.  Can’t wait to fill you in!

Low: Trying to eat so many carbs.  Don’t get me wrong, carb loading is fun–I love enjoying pasta and cookies all week.  But trying to hit the carb goals I’d set for Thursday and Friday was just too much.  I felt uncomfortably full on Thursday night and on Friday decided to stop tracking and just eat what felt right.

I think I still ate enough carbs (pancakes for breakfast, rice for lunch, pasta for dinner), but without feeling pressured to eat too much just to hit an arbitrary number.


I woke up on race day feeling much better and ready to go.IMG_0778[1]More coming soon!!!


5 thoughts on “Training Recap: Taper week

  1. So there is this theory about periodized nutrition, you take out carbs completely from your diet roughly 7 days before. Then you carb load the day before the race just like usual. This forces the body to learn how to burn fats at a higher rate. The body can store more fat than carbs and protein and fat produces more energy. So if you can teach your body to burn fats better, then your have more energy to work with. I will be testing this out the month leading to my marathon when I do my marathon simulator workout.


    • Interesting. I’d definitely like to hear how this goes for you. Do you think one day is enough though? Mostly what I’ve read says to carb load starting 48 hours out, especially if you eat something a little lighter for dinner the night before. I know if I eat too much the dinner before a marathon I feel sluggish at the race.

      Also, what are you doing as a marathon simulator workout?


      • 5 miles up right into 10 miles at M pace then a long cool down. I am planning on taking water and gels at the same points as I would during the race, even during the warm up cool down portions of the workout.

        Also to your question of one day not being enough for carb loading, the article I read the author had the same feeling. So that is something that I may consider.

        You can find the full article here —>


      • Got it. I’ve done similar training runs on my training (which is based on Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning booking–definitely a good read) up to 18 miles with 14 at MP. I definitely think MP long runs have helped me. Marathon pace always feels A LOT tougher though on these days than race day.


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