Training recap & my new favorite pancakes

pancakesIt’s officially Taper Time!  This past week I cut back my mileage to about 60% of my normal weekly miles and lightened up my weights at crossfit.  Next week I’ll take off from the gym and just run.  I also worked in strides on both of my easy days to keep my legs feeling sharp.

Total: 38

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 7 + strides

Tuesday: crossfit + 2 miles to and from the gym + PM 5 + strides

Wednesday: 8 w/ 3×1600 @ 5k pace in 6:20, 6:16, 6:12

Thursday: crossfit + 2 miles to and from the gym

Friday: crossfit + 2 miles to and from the gym

Saturday: 12

High:  Wednesday’s mile repeats are my favorite! I do 3×1600 every training cycle when I’m 2 weeks out from a marathon.  The workout is short and sweet and the turnover sharpens up your legs.  Plus, you’re running on legs that are starting to feel rested up and it’s a nice confidence boost.

Low: No real long run this week.  Just kidding!  It was a nice break.

Post LR Eats:

These Carrot Cake Protein Pancakes. A. Maze. Ing.  Make them.  Don’t leave out any of the “optional” ingredients.

carrot cake pancakes+ 2x $1 brats at the Crew game.  + Beers.  Don’t judge.

IMG_0727Seriously guys though, those pancakes.  I’m always a little disappointed with healthy pancakes, because, well they’re just not as good as regular pancakes.  But these were so tasty.  I will definitely be making them again.

I need your help.  Got another healthy pancake recipe that’s worth making??  Send it my way!


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