3 Things I’m Already Doing to Prep for the Marathon

asicsToday is officially T minus 2 weeks to the Akron Marathon.  When I sign up for a marathon it always seems to be so far away until out of the blue I wake up one day and BAM it’s time to race.This coming week, it’s time to start tapering!  Here are 3 things I’m already doing to get to the starting line ready and rested:

1) Massage.  

I always try to schedule a massage about 2 weeks out to help work out any kinks that have come up in training.  I’m not talking about a fun, relaxing massage that makes you want to fall asleep…this is an I’m gritting my teeth and have bruises the next day massage.  I go to the massage therapist at a chiropractor.  I think finding someone that is experienced in massage therapy for athletes and isn’t afraid to keep going even if you’re squirming in pain is key. It does so much more than foam rolling on your own (which I still try and do every night at this phase of training).

Last year when I had IT band pain that was keeping me from running, I spent a frustrating month trying out all kinds of of things to heal, but it just wasn’t getting any better.  I started going to the chiropractor for massages and after the 3rd was back up and training.  I made it just in time to get to the starting line of the 2013 Pittsburgh marathon healthy.Pitt marathon

I cannot recommend massages throughout your training enough.  Just don’t do it too close to a race, you don’t want to still be sore!

2) Start pulling back on mileage.

In peak mileage weeks, I’m typically in the low 60s.  I’ve been hovering in the mid 50s for a few weeks now, but will drop down to 30s this week.  I still like to get some intensity in and a 12 mile or so long run so that I don’t start to feel out of shape, but nothing crazy.  I actually woke up this morning and thought “I ‘only’ have 16 miles today.”  Yep.  You know you’re a marathoner when that is an actual thought.16 mile LR3)Look up recipes for all the carbs I’m going to eat.

I carb load the week leading up to the marathon.  This week and next I still try and stick to my normal diet, but you betcha I spend some time drooling over carb filled recipes on my favorite blogs.  This means all the pasta, bagels, and white refined carbs that I would only really ever make the week before a marathon.  White pasta?  White rice?  White bread? Yes please.

I also did some early carb loading today after my run…donuts

I still haven’t found that pasta/rice meal I HAVE to make for carb loading week…have any good ones? 


2 thoughts on “3 Things I’m Already Doing to Prep for the Marathon

  1. Mine is chicken park with spaghetti – it is more of a luck thing as well as a carb loading thing because it is what I had before my first half marathon and now every half and full since! 🙂 Good luck on your marathon!


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