This Week’s Training Recap: Back on (the) Track

watchIt’s 4 weeks out from the marathon.  I had a so-so week last week.  It happens with running, I move on.  After some 9:30 bedtimes, a painful but good-for-you massage, and really focusing on my nutrition this week I’m feeling back to normal.

This week’s snapshot:

Total miles: 57

Sunday: 4 miles + strides

Monday: 11 miles

Tuesday: 2 miles (to and from the gym) + crossfit + planks

Wednesday: 8 miles with 5 x 600 @ 5k pace: goal 2:20 (6:10 pace), actuals 2:20, 2:17, 2:17, 2:17, 2:13

Thursday: 2 miles (to and from the gym) + crossfit

Friday: 2 miles (2 and from the gym) + crossfit + 11 miles

Saturday: 17 miles with SCRR

Overall: A decent week where I felt good and ended up coming in a little higher on mileage than originally planned.

High:  Hit my paces on the track that I couldn’t hit last week.  The intervals were shorter so the workout was easier, but still a good confidence boost.

Low: Heard my alarm go off Monday morning and for the first time in weeks felt like I really wanted to and needed to go back to bed.  Pushed my run off until after work.

This week’s Long Run recovery eats:

I ran my long run early Saturday morning with Steel City and then packed up and headed out to Ohio for the long weekend.  I needed something quick to eat on the way so I threw together this chocolate cherry protein smoothie:

cherry choc smoothie It turned out pretty yummy.  No recipe, I just threw a bunch of frozen cherries, about a cup of almond milk, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and a spoonful of cocoa powder in the blender.  Cherries are supposed to naturally help alleviate muscle soreness and the protein filled me up.  I also snacked on a Lara bar in the car.

Dinner was at Crave in Akron to celebrate 4 years with Erik:

Lobster BLT at Crave and a house salad with pomegranate maple vinaigrette

Lobster BLT & salad with pomegranate maple vinaigrette

+ BEER. 🙂


Rust Belt Oktoberfest


Any ideas on how to get back on track after a so-so week?


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Training Recap: Back on (the) Track

  1. 1.) I think your blog is very interesting.
    2.) Im racing the Charleston SC Marathon in January, I am going to incorporate Yasso 800’s. Have you done this or heard of anyone doing these?
    3.) How does the Rust Belt Octoberfest compare to others?


    • Thanks Konner!!!

      Yes to the Yasso 800s! My running club does them a lot. I did a fair amount before my first marathon, but didn’t race all out to gauge if they actually predicted my time. The idea is interesting though, and even if it’s right on or not (that if you can do 10×800 at 3:30 you can run a 3:30 marathon for example) I think it’s a good distance/speed for marathon speedwork that will help you either way. Bart Yasso is also a super cool guy. He pops in for runs with us every so often!

      …and as far as the Rust Belt Oktoberfest goes, it was a little bit on the lighter side and I prefer them a little darker/amber-y. So not bad, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.


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