My Running Story

Pitt marathonBefore I start posting about my current training, I wanted to share the story of how I started running and (eventually) became a marathoner.  When I sat down to write this post, it was hard to explain how I came to be so passionate about running in few enough words that would fit in a post anyone would want to read all the way through. 

So, here’s the gist:

I started running in Middle School to have something to do after school with my friends. I was a back of the pack runner but began to figure out that running is one thing in life where hard work shows. I snuck onto the varsity team by the end of High School and then ran for DIII Mount Union so that I could continue competing at the collegiate level.

Mount UnionIn 2013, a year after I graduated from Mount, I ran my first marathon in Pittsburgh.  I quickly figured out that the marathon is what I love and and began training to hit my BQ in the September 2013 at the Erie Marathon. I had the opportunity of a lifetime and ran the 2014 Boston Marathon this past April. In May, I paced the Pittsburgh Marathon, and now I’m training for the 2014 Akron Marathon in September. I’m hoping to finally finish in under 3:30.

Lesley 2014 Boston Marathon

I’m far from an elite runner, but I like to compete and I’m passionate about all things running—training, nutrition, racing, you name it. Sharing my running journey is only a part of this blog. I want to hear your feedback and advice on anything and everything running!

Head over to the “My Running Story” page if you want to read the whole (longer) story.


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