Race Recap: Brookline Breeze 5k

DSCN1876Road races to me mean summer.  My true love is the marathon, but when the weather gets hot there’s nothing more fun than hopping in a quick, fun race with some friends.  I’ve been a bit of a 5k junkie this summer, loving races that are over before you know it and send you home with cheesy medals and trophies.  Look for more posts about my marathon exploits soon, but my first race recap is last weekend’s Brookline Breeze 5k.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about running, it’s hills. If there’s one word to describe the Brookline Breeze course, it’s HILLY. As in, oh my gosh, WHAT did I get myself into.

Race Day started out with a cinnamon raisin English muffin with Trader Joe’s new Cashew Butter.


If you haven’t tried it, run, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s to pick some up and then eat it with a spoon out of the jar as soon as you get home. You won’t regret it. I typically stick with PB because I like it and it’s cheaper, but this is worth the extra couple bucks for a treat.

Anyways, Emily and I got to the course with my photographer/graphic designer/boyfriend in tow and realized that the first mile started with a half mile long, steep climb up Brookline Blvd. We both immediately revised our strategy of going out as fast as possible.  I wanted to set myself up to at least have a shot at running sub 20, and tried to maintain a decent pace despite the climb. Mile 1 clocked in in the low 6:20s. Perfect.

Mile 2: the course flattened out and I tried to even out my breathing and make my legs stop feeling like jelly, until WHAM we hit more hills around the halfway point. This was the hardest part of the course as I didn’t see it coming, but I still managed to hit the second mile mark in around 6:20.

The last mile finished back down the huge hill that we’d started with. At this point, everyone was flying. Tired legs couldn’t stop the momentum. My watch hit mile 3 in 5:58 (woah!) and I cruised into the finish in 19:31. Not too shabby.



Post race festivities included orange sherbet (!), pizza (!!),  rehashing how terrible the hills were with the girls,


From left to right: Emily, Me, Brittany

and this chunk of gold for my 3rd overall finish!IMG_0542.

All in all a good day, but don’t get any ideas—I still hate hills.

Do you hate hills as much as I do? How do you change your race strategy when you realize you have to climb Mount Everest in a 5k?


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